Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SDCC support

Update: The sdcc plugin for eclipse is designed to work for 8051 microcontrollers but it is possible to be used for PIC microcontrollers, as compiler will ignore non-specific parameters. And it works just fine... 

Original article: I won't start another blog for SDCC C compiler alone. This blog can host both projects as is about a common language and differences are minimal. But SDCC project has a separate github location so it won't interfere with one another.

Now, it all works in Linux and we have many options for a dedicated IDE: eclipse, piklab, mplabxide. With mplabxide and his SDCC plugin I got nowhere - I can't configure it properly yet  With piklab would be the best but there are some requirements and won't work on all linux distributions so, I decided to give the eclipse plugin a try. I installed the oldest eclipse version supported by the CDT and the sdcc plugin, having the sdcc compiler installed in a subfolder of my linux home folder. Will see how it goes and if it works, I will publish the entire setup. If not, I'll move to the piklab ide.

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