Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Nevermind ... my thought initially, but...

Update December 20, 2015:

The version 1.35 ends up adding only 66 bytes compared to 1.33 version.
On the other hand, compiling the "fat32_test" project we get a lenght of:
  • 13802 bytes with 1.31 version;
  • 12178 bytes with 1.33 version;
  • 11218 bytes with 1.35 version. 
So, for certain projects, there is clearly a constant improvement from a version to another of the xc8 C compiler. But for now, the other points of the original article remains valid.

Original article:

The new 1.34 version of xc8 compiler increases the compilation result of pcf8583_lcd example (which it was 3592 bytes on last code  optimization using 1.33 version) with 208 bytes. So, never mind. I´ĺl stop wasting my time on wishful thinking.

It is obvious that Microchip will never release XC compilers for free as rumors said. More, they continue to strengthen their license manager against crackers and this tells us that the business based on XC compilers will continue.

The free version is still a joke comparing it with the avr-gcc compiler. So, to all C programmers, try to migrate to AVR, or to ARM microcontrollers if you want speed, or continue using JALv2 for PIC12 - PIC18 projects. Or go with the free Firewing language which covers PIC24/PIC32 and some of the PIC18 microcontrollers. But of course, you can stay with XC8 1.33 version. Good luck, what ever you decide to do!

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