Friday, June 20, 2014

MPLAB C18 obsoleted but not dead

As far as I know, is not developed anymore. But is mature and supports a lot of modern PIC18F microcontrollers (all of them, at the article's date). It has a good library for applications, with performing stacks (USB, TCP/IP) and still excellent support on Microchip forums. A lot of projects available on Internet and still the best choice for PIC18F C language development. If you want better, you should look for Jalv2 compiler and language.

Why the blog's title? Well, some of them needs a change. Many of them are already available on the 'net and we definitely should not let them to waste. Until then, C18 for Linux is still available here. Take it while you can!

Update June24, 2014: The file is no longer available on Microchip site but can be found on many places on internet! Including here.

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